These are a few egg rolls I made to snack on. I don't feel too bad about a few extra calories with doing 20 flights of stairs or so plus biking in freezing takes on a whole new meaning as far as burning calories for fuel to keep warm and healthy! I splurged on a pizza at Hello Pizza tonight -- it was wonderful! Really I eat rice and noodles most of the time with vegetables, tofu and some meats.

I've started 4 girls on violin, one of whom is learning on a Yamaha electric. One of them is also an extremely accomplished pianist and only in 6th grade. Short blog today as I'm fading fast and in need of the warm bed. Like a fool I tore off for work today without a scarf nor my new winter coat and I paid the price in feeling the cold after work today. Washing my hands in ice water at work didn't really help either.

Despite my moans I am happy so far!


Karianne said…
I'm sorry that you are so cold. It has been really weird weather here, pretty mild for this time of year. You know me, I'm already missing the snow.

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