Feb 12 08

Today was my first day back on the job. It went fine. I asked when we would get my computer monitor set up in the dance room and it happened today. We are back to juggling rooms as one teacher had scheduled the dance room for gymnastics this quarter during 3 of the periods I teach. I will also be getting a 'Connections' class because the middle school teachers don't have enough room for all their students. We are considering where this class should be held, keeping in mind that I need to be in the room where I will teach so I can get ready too. There isn't an easy solution to that one at the moment unless kids meet in the dance room or auditorium ... neither of which has a networked computer. Connections is a 15 minute period at the beginning of school and end of school like a home room; the teacher acts as their guide such as a guidance counselor to help them transition into their day and to get ready to go home, giving them any updates they need. It was on the chilly side with a wicked wind licking across the city but it whisked much of the pollution away and made visibility one of the best days I've seen here. I complimented one student on her Hello Kitty face mask! I started today with a quick Skype with Lenny, Therese and their niece. The photo I'm posting is from their lovely winter walk up Toppenish Ridge this morning. Yes, those are the real wild horses. They checked the tracks for their unshoed hooves. I look forward to doing that again next summer!!!


Karianne said…
That is beautiful.

I love the idea of your connections classes. I need to do something like that with I&B, since transitions btw home and school are hard for us too.

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