beemers in Shangers

I try to temper my bad language with *holy cow* instead of *holy sh*t* but I slipped up at least once today, when I realized that in my neighborhood we have chinasidecar -- so I looked them up when I got home. HOLY COW & GOSH these bikes look like fun! Ever since I started riding with Glen I have been interested in a BMW bike, well also after seeing the World's Fastest Indian movie, and here are some vintage models. Apparently there is no tarriff to send it home if I bought one! Not sure about getting the side car. I guess that could be added later. But right in my neighborhood...I learn something every day. I also passed a fat mini poodle that was white, except for its ears. Its ears had been dyed a flourescent orange.

I almost forgot. Another enjoyable moment. I took time out to eat American at Moon River Diner--eggs benedict no less. And they were very good, even when I sent them back to cook the eggs harder. Real hashbrowns, not freeze-dried. Fresh fruit. And fresh watermelon juice. I'll be back for their special for teachers on Tuesdays, 50% off. Outside the windows children had their in-line skating class. I admit it, I walked around the mall gawking like everyone else and wondering if the other restaurants besides Papa Murphy's and Pizza Hut are good too.


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