holy sh*t

There is a phrase that has entered my vocabulary, in English, I am not proud of. It pops out at the worst of times and best of times. Any time something catches me by surprise like intense pollution, finding great music in my neighborhood CD shop, stuff I could not even buy in the states, realizing that the ginger I was searching for in the wet market was being sold by the first guy I walked past as I walked in the door as I was about to leave. I took my first call on my cell phone, my 'shouji,' while riding my bicycle. An international call. Riding past kids calling out "Hello!" while I say "Hi" and the kids crack up. I stop when I pass firecrackers going off and realize it would not be getting better next to a freeway. Even people who live in the old housing and struggle to make ends meet have a shouji. But the time for firecrackers is past now; police are starting to crack down. On the way to my flat, in my complex's park, a guard on bicycle chased and yelled at a kid who was either lighting fireworks or setting the grass on fire, I'm not sure which. The guard smiled when he saw me. He just wanted to scare the kid off. Had a nice chat on Skype with Lydia Tang who is half Chinese, in Poland. During dinner I listen to Montavani strings. At home after dinner I listen to Vitas the Russian pop wonder on a DVD.


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