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Here are a few photos from my life as of late...couldn't resist posting these two postcards from Casino, NSW Australia that Kevin gave me.  Below them is my students' rock paintings; then a special octopus soup noodles new to the Ajisen Ramen restaurant's menu.  I felt it was my lucky day also because I happened across a repairman and had one of my favorite purses with me that needed some things stitched up; then I went to a cobbler I'm trying who's on the final stage of a pair of shoes for me.  It's my first try at custom shoes!  I'm planning to go back again to him to copy a pair of sandals I wore for about 12 years which finally broke in half after how many years of repairs...haha that's one thing I love in China is that I feel I can get shoes and bags easily repaired instead of just tossing them to the Goodwill. 
A diverson from Shanghai...I went to Australia for one week!  Here are a few pictures from down under...the land of the Southern Cross which was clear as a bell, as was the milky way from our backyard.  I loved it. I could live there, no question.  So many butterflies!