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Ok, it has taken me 39 years and 51 weeks to figure out that I can make yogurt at home and wow am I excited about that!  I read several recipes for it on the internet and was not too sure about using Paul's milk imported from Australia, the boxed irradiated variety with no preservatives, coupled with an oven that lets me set it at about 42 degrees C but is hard to maintain for 6 hours.  Wow wow wow - so happy that it actually worked!  If you like yogurt I would encourage you to try it at home. The taste is very nice & they say you can incubate it longer if you like it more tart.  A lot of what I do in the kitchen in Shanghai is an experiment of one kind or another and many things get thrown out instead of eaten, but this is not one of those mistakes!!!  It is actually quite similar to the fresh yogurt we tried in Xining, the capital of Qinghai province.  I am totally sold on this now, except that it takes a lot of hours to incubate properly. At least it can last a few weeks in…