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Smoov Latte

Nestle has a new drink on the market in convenience stores here called "Smoov Latte." T-shirts I saw people wearing on the street "Well Trained" and "Lick Me" -- not sure that the wearers exactly got the meaning, but then who knows.

temperatures are falling

Wow, it is like one degree Celsius cooler today, and you can actually feel the blessed difference!!!

Back on, LIVE!

Holy moly macaroli. The powers that be are pretty fearsome these days in the land of the non-free press. Fortunately there are ways to deal with it and so I hope with all my heart that this fix will last me until I am not a resident in Shanghai any more. If you are living in China and need a way to your beloved sites, just drop me a line and I will give you free advice that works for me and others. Knowledge, now more than ever, is power!

Numbers seem a bit down for enrollment in the school I teach in but that just means a smaller student to teacher ratio and a better deal for those kids. Every day of work in this institution I feel grateful to have a job and that it is an important part of this international community. It's about the first job I have ever been in where I feel all my colleagues are pretty much team players and even have a good working relationship with all my superiors. So despite missing family and friends back home I am very happy. And Skype is a beautiful thing…