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Persian Dining


Japan vs Korea Baseball

After 2 games won by Korea and 2 games won by Japan, today was a big day for our students with the final tie-breaker game. At 3-3 at the end of the 9th inning, more innings were added! Finally Japan scored 2 points to win 5-3.

street Meat


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A Day in the Life

6:00. I wake up early, ready to get out of bed and entertain the day. Take a shower, make some coffee and get dressed.
7:00. Grade some papers
7:30. Going to put some coins in my wallet, but what, no wallet! What has happened? I had it last night to buy groceries...I text my TA to ask for her help to call that store and say a quick prayer, not expecting that the wallet will be returned.
7:50. Go to work by bicycle
8:05. At my desk, I check email. A Taiwanese friend has written from Toronto--we have not been in touch for over a year but are checking in with each other and keeping up on our lives. I receive a call as I write that my wallet was found! I can pick it up at 10:30.
8:30. Students are arriving for their connections period with me; middle school students who come before their first class. We talk about how each is doing and I tell them my wallet story.
9:00. Period 2 (even day classes) arrives for Piano Class. We listen to a 1930s jazz arrangement of Mary Had A Little…

This is the current Shanghai pollution index.

weekend is over

Strawberries are in season now so that made a sweet dinner a few nights ago! The picture below is a cross stitch done in a shop at Qibao Old Street. On the bottom Naomi is posing on a boat.