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back in the USA

Once again I got to time-travel from Shanghai back to the states, arriving earlier the same day I left.  That makes for a long day. 

I truly appreciate the air quality up in the mountains of Washington state where my dad and I spent the day yesterday up on Rimrock Lake.  It took us a while to catch on to the day's game but after a few hours we mastered the fish and limited out with 16 Kokanee Salmon apiece. The lake was nearly glass, the sun was mostly out, the pine smell from the forest wafted across the clean lake below.  A water-soaked log floated down the lake and nearly slammed us but at the last moment it went to our left and stopped against the island we tied up to.  Eventually it started working its way out and we merely lifted up our rope and slid it back out into the lake, avoiding our boat and anchor ties.  Otherwise it could have been a disaster. It is so very pleasant to see the hawks soaring above, wild flowers sparkling in the sunshine and bullfrogs swimming around …

Livingston American School

Someone recently made a condescending remark to me about why I teach at Livingston American School of Shanghai. First of all I have to say I was very surprised that the person would say something so unprofessional, considering he is in about the same position of another school, and considering his school was trying to recruit me.  This person actually put stock in some false rumors which have circulated around the expat community.   It's too bad this person holds the attitude that he does because I was actually considering working alongside him to help build his program.  There are a number of reasons I choose to continue to teach and to direct the music program at Livingston American School.  Number one is we have a very close, family-like atmosphere where every student is known and appreciated for who they are.  This allows students to shine and for the students to really have close relationships with their teachers and staff.  In an age of increasing technology and electronic c…

chamber music life

Sometimes I feel I lead a wonderfully wacky yet great life.  I can't play all of the wonderful quartet jobs that crop up during the gorgeous autumns of Central Washington but I don't mind helping connect event planners and couples getting married with players who are available.  Even from Shanghai.  Last summer I remember fishing with my dad on the Columbia river, discussing arranging "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey with a client for later in the summer.  I don't think I mentioned to her where I was when she called!  On the other hand maybe that was just not right to take a call on that beautiful, serene place; yet as I told dad it's hard not to take a call when someone is planning their wedding and we'd been playing phone tag already from all over the planet!  As an entrepeneur himself he understood very well. Lately I have been playing quartets with flute, violin, viola and cello here in Shanghai.  Everything from Bach, to Piazzolla to Turkey in t…