chamber music life

Sometimes I feel I lead a wonderfully wacky yet great life.  I can't play all of the wonderful quartet jobs that crop up during the gorgeous autumns of Central Washington but I don't mind helping connect event planners and couples getting married with players who are available.  Even from Shanghai.  Last summer I remember fishing with my dad on the Columbia river, discussing arranging "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey with a client for later in the summer.  I don't think I mentioned to her where I was when she called!  On the other hand maybe that was just not right to take a call on that beautiful, serene place; yet as I told dad it's hard not to take a call when someone is planning their wedding and we'd been playing phone tag already from all over the planet!  As an entrepeneur himself he understood very well.
Lately I have been playing quartets with flute, violin, viola and cello here in Shanghai.  Everything from Bach, to Piazzolla to Turkey in the Straw, with a little Cherubini thrown in.  We are from four countries: England, Germany, US and Australia.  It's a great combination that we plan to continue after the cellist and I return from overseas this summer. 


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