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Wow-it has been more than a few days! At home in the states, I am busy with homeowner activities, like getting my old house insulated! Painting/finishing the trim! Watering the huge yard! And I even replaced the grotty old (original 1920s?) toilet seat! Boy, am I proud.

Now to find a renter for my furnished house. That is a project. And I get to DIY install my washer and dryer that have been occupying basement space for at least 4 years. Good thing I love to learn.

What really made my day is opening Facebook today there were friend requests from old and newer friends from 3 continents!

Dirty Fondue

OK, we've already eaten all the fondue and we're down to coffee and the remnants of fruit and cheesecake. At the end, the floor manager liked us and sent us a round of grappa on the house. We decided we liked the fondue enough to go back again. Swissotel at Jing An Si, Shanghai.


Here are some photos of the new place: