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Back to reality (and air quality issues)

The so-called typhoon made the air and temperature quite comfortable last week, if a little rainy and windy. Now it is back to ugly air. >> After typhoon Haikui, the air was clean! But soon the effects wore off. At least now we are having a storm which will settle the particulate matter (PM) down a little. Never mind about foreign consulates reporting on the air quality. Apparently the local news has caught onto the game as well. The first picture represents "excellent" air quality; the second is supposedly "good." Good! Although I sense a tiny bit of PS or another program has "enhanced" the first photo, but it really was just about that nice here, making a record 21 days of clean air!  Too bad I missed most of them but I am glad that it can happen.

[photo courtesy of Shanghai Daily News]  For the full article, go to

An American returns to Shanghai after visiting Germany

I just returned to Shanghai about 5 days ago after visiting the US and Germany. And I am happily a few pounds heavier after consuming vast quantities of pie, cake, beer, wine, cheeses, bakery delicacies such as apple strudel and Schwabian treats like maultaschen and flammküchen.

For a while Shanghai was actually a little bit comfortable with the breezes from the typhoon but now it's back to feeling like the hell of a humid sauna. I'd like to thank my boss right now for the reminder yesterday that in reality I do not have to spend most of every day exposed to the harsh outdoor elements of this wicked city. I only wish she herself would also get the benefit of running around Shanghai during a hot August day with the odds of winning a race rather low, collecting marketing photos and promo during work hours. Thanks to the universe for sparing members of my team from heat exhaustion although it was a close call. Great bonding experience though.

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picking blackberries
 near the Rhein River
 we might punish you this way if you don't behave

 Bern on the Mosel