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Construction Progess & How to deal with NOISE

I managed to make peace with the ambient noise coming from the three massive construction projects going on adjacent to my building. Luckily, the way my apartment is situated, I was able to start sleeping in the bedroom that faces into my building complex instead of the one on the outside facing the road. Secondly, putting the air conditioner on during the night, while not my first choice, definitely masks the noise. Another option that I use sometimes is to put on the background sound of a running brook. It also covers the noise.

China is an extremely noisy place. I also keep earplugs in my bag at all times. They are useful while shopping in Carrefour or if I am on the metro. It seems that checking for high decibel noises in public places is not a consideration here. In fact, there is some kind of odd mentality that the louder the sounds while shopping, the more people will buy. That just makes me shop faster and leave quicker, glad to have plugged my ears. Even with earplugs, it&#…