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Last Day of Lunar New Year

Almost everyone I know has been back to work for at least a week, but since today marks the last day of the spring festival it sounds like war out again...shotguns, cannons, mortar...but really it's fabulous fireworks, everywhere, between buildings, over the traffic, SO FUN!  I love it! Went out for tea with friends this afternoon...also enjoying a mountain of fluffy ice covered by sweet red beans!  :) 

Spring Festival

I have mentioned before how we have nonstop holidays starting around Thanksgiving...well, the holidays are about to conclude with the end of Chunjie, or Spring Festival, also known as Chinese New Year.  Tonight at midnight is the festival to welcome the return of wealth.  Zoe, Jennifer, Ryan and I had dinner together just for fun; I made my own version of Hongxiao Rou or braised pork in a clay pot; roasted root vegetables with rosemary, mushroom brown rice and a fresh salad with my dressing.  I cheated a little on dessert and went with a chocolate mousse cake from Croissants de France; Zoe enhanced the dessert offerings by tartlets from Ichido.  I had been a little nervous to prepare this food as Ryan is a pastry chef having worked in the Phillipine presidential kitchen...knowing his president personally...but he was very down to earth and fun to talk with about his experiences, including his being guarded while on duty in the kitchen!  Turns out they all acted like one big family, th…