a day...today

5:30 am - I awaken with a cramp in my back surprised to have slept all night with a pulled muscle in my back from coughing too hard yesterday. Ease my way to the bathroom and swallow a gel Advil with a piece of dark chocolate to aid in absorption. Back to bed.
6:30 am - I awaken again knowing this time I have to get out of bed for real. Into the shower and time to get dressed. I turn on heat this morning in the living room.
6:58 - grab a cup of coffee and check for online connectivity and I'm in...need to check email for a pianist I'm in search of and reload money to my phone card for calling the US from my mobile phone
7:02 - run a load of laundry in hopes it will be by the time my parents arrive on Sunday
7:10 - finish drying hair
7:30 - it is 36 degrees fahrenheight outside... former viola student opens a chat online from Seattle
7:40 - down some vitamins and medicine for this nagging cough
7:45 - turn off all the heat, put on shoes and load up
8:00 - I am out the door and the elevator gets crammed with about 8 people including my neighbor and his bike
8:05 - I am in line for a jianbing, on my bike, a great breakfast on the go like a crepe with an egg and herbs and chopped pickled vegetables rolled up with a kind of fried long dough and some sauce. I ride faster than usual through the cold and burning garbage smells
8:20 I am in my classroom; ayi is cleaning and students will arrive any minute now
......tonight I have plans and tickets to go hear Eva Meier in concert


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