Weekend Fun

After the day's festivities of Halloween, our kind boss invited teachers to relax at his house. So a bunch of us filled up his place and ordered pizzas and debriefed over many laughs and funny stories. One poor Swiss visitor got to hear lots of 'mMericanisms' after a long spirit week winding up with Halloween. One colleague came as a cowgirl - she was great. I happened to be wearing red socks, black pants, red shirt and then tried on another colleague's black wool hat and someone said, wow what are you, a checkerboard?? I said "Yeah, wanna play?!"

Saturday was all about shopping. Naomi and I trudged around a Chinese market and asked my tailor if he could sew on leather as my mom wants to bring some deer hides of animals my dad has bagged over the years made into clothing. I think it's a good idea. Later went to a Phillipina's housewarming party/dinner/karaoke bash at her house. She and several friends were able to get apartments across the hall from each other so it's like they have one big place with many bedrooms to live in and I am envious as it's across the street from a decent international grocery store.

It's a little scary these days with the food supply in China so we tend to avoid most Chinese brand foods as we are not convinced that their safety inspections are on par yet with international standards. My students and I have a little joke: if I have some cookies or anything to share with them they always ask "Is it Melamine flavored?" to which I answer "Of course!"

Today, Sunday, the Japanese kindergarten has its sports competition. That's how I'd like to spend a cold and rainy November Sunday morning! The teachers had to be there at 6:00 a.m. Joy! I am counting my lucky stars I am not on their staff. I feel morally opposed to babies competing in sports - my friend's class of 2 year olds was participating! I mean, they are barely toilet trained and they're supposed to learn this concept of winning at sports already???? Someone shoot me if I ever do that to a 2 year old.


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