Livingston American School

Someone recently made a condescending remark to me about why I teach at Livingston American School of Shanghai. First of all I have to say I was very surprised that the person would say something so unprofessional, considering he is in about the same position of another school, and considering his school was trying to recruit me.  This person actually put stock in some false rumors which have circulated around the expat community.   It's too bad this person holds the attitude that he does because I was actually considering working alongside him to help build his program. 
There are a number of reasons I choose to continue to teach and to direct the music program at Livingston American School. 
Number one is we have a very close, family-like atmosphere where every student is known and appreciated for who they are.  This allows students to shine and for the students to really have close relationships with their teachers and staff.  In an age of increasing technology and electronic communications I believe in teaching students the value of personal interaction and real face time, not to mention real live music!  I don't know about you but when I went to college and paid a pretty penny for every credit, I appreciated having small classes where I could really get all I could out of a course and really know the instructor.   
Secondly we have a wonderful Fine Arts Wing with a large music classroom, a drama classroom, 4 practice rooms, several pianos, a pottery studio and art classroom. Just above our wing is our auditorium, library and media classroom.  I  often hear the birds singing outside my windows and enjoy seeing the planes ascending and descending to Hongqiao Airport.  The facilities are very adequate and we enjoy a very nice campus and garden outside. 
Last but by no means least, the arts and music are supported by our staff, principal and management as integral parts of our curriculum.  In fact LAS has achieved accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges of the United States this year.  I know this because I was a part of our preparation and the accrediting team's visit as chairperson for our China Context section.  When the committee was summarizing their experience at LAS they said they have never been in a school where children seemed so relaxed, happy and at ease.  They also commented that our school is like a fine arts school! 
These are just a few reasons that come to mind why I work at LAS.  We are a hard-working team that truly values students and international education, minus the snotty attitude. 


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