Feb 9 08

Gr8 F!reWa11...

Strange. Today I can post but I cannot load the blog to view it. The wonders of posting from inside the middle kingdom. I will be grateful for what I have though, as I am able to publish and edit. I was very lazy today, enjoying the freedom of vacation, sleeping 10 hours last night. I did put away some laundry and found an ATM close by that let me withdraw renminbi from Bank of America for quite a lower fee than most other US banks. I heard my colleagues were going to shoot pool and drink beer tonight at Baby Bamboo but I don't think I'm going to make it, as I am so feeling lazy and want to enjoy the free time...also I was thinking of getting a few groceries because it is so much easier to do that when the crowds are at home!

On a long ride yesterday I went to Carrefour, the French Walmart, which had a lot of organic and international foods. I will probably shop there often as it's close to the area my colleagues love to frequent. I'm interested in the food court there with take out sushi and several small clean-looking restaurants. Outside, one lady peed her kid on the sidewalk. I was more intrigued by a gigantic artificial tree whose branches are giant artificial flowers of many kinds. I indulged in a KFC hot & spicy chicken sandwich on the way home, for energy.

And today I am celebrating that someone I don't even know has bought our string quartet CD Tranquillo through CDbaby.com!!!


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