Feb 20 08 Me 2 Tall

The frying world's largest Jesus statue above is in Rio de Janeiro.

If I need to spend some money on fashions, I can always head over to Crackstep, next to an internet place called Kooknet. Or, there is a chain of clothes stores called Hot Wind.

I now know what it is like for my very tall friends. I find myself too tall for my kitchen, which was made for someone about 6 inches shorter. I bump my head on the vent over the gas burners. I have to bend my knees to wash dishes in the sink.

Kiddos were naughty again today, though not to my room. Someone lit a poster on fire on the 3rd floor, so the whole school got scolded, warned and now no student can go out of a classroom during class for any reason. Although, this could have a net effect of increased smoking in bathrooms between classes. I suppose they could actually take away the doors to the stalls like regular Chinese bathrooms, then they couldn't hide the smoking.

But the sun is still shining and I'm listening to Norah Jones, and I am fine.


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