Feb 7 08

Happy Chinese New Year, the year of the Rat. The bombs have been bursting in air, between apartment buildings, next to my windows, in the streets, on the sidewalks, just about everywhere. When I looked out my window this morning the ground was red from the papers covering all the fireworks that exploded all night. The action continues, but it is slowly dying off. China has no inhibitions at this point on lighting off fireworks in the city! I think adult males are getting a bigger kick out of the pyrotechnics than the kiddies!

I have enjoyed reading someone's posting on www.haohaoreport.com about how to stay warm during a cold Chinese winter while living in local housing. I'm going to add one suggestion: the old hair drier technique of warming up one's boots before heading out. The fluffy slippers work great indoors but as a foreigner, I just can't work up to getting my pretties all dirty outside, unlike many Chinese who have no problem doing so.


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