Heavenly Home Cooked Meal in China

Feb 23 08

Now that's what I call China. My landlord invited me to have a meal with him and his family during the spring festival, but I didn't want to intrude on their holiday. Finally he convinced me that I should come over today, since I was free this weekend. They live in a nice complex not too far from me. Each of them has their own room, one for mom, dad and son. Mom made a day out of cooking for us...11 dishes plus a soup. These were fantastic! This was some of the best cooking I have had in China. She said she taught herself how to cook. We discussed each dish and I told them that you really cannot get these dishes nor their ingredients in the states unless you go to a Chinatown and get lucky.

1. cold ham slices with Spanish peanuts in the middle
2. cold cucumber in garlic sesame vinegar sauce
3. fragrant mushrooms with pickled vegetable
4. marinated fungus
5. sauteed shrimp with corn and peas in a sweet sauce
6. seaweed shreds
7. hongxiao rousi: tiny pork pieces in a spicy sauce
8. thinly sliced sea cucumber
9. steamed yellow fish
10. strawberries and pear plate
11. green vegetable sauteed in baijiu -- sorry can't translate
12. green vegetable, tofu, pork and fragrant mushroom soup

Served with red wine and green tea. Followed by watching the world cup diving championships, then the opening ceremonies of the 49th International Team Ping Pong Championships. My Chinese got a workout, and their son got a workout in translating. We made a good team! Mr. Li does something with airports and is planning to go to Europe in April to several airports. His wife is an amazingly talented chef. I was really counting my blessings today. They invited my family to come to China and to come to their house. They are extremely kind and sweet to me.


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