Feb. 14 08

I awoke at 4:00 a.m. today worrying about things like 'did I catch the flu from my colleague' who was sitting across from me at lunch, blowing her nose and sneezing practically on top of the food, and was my phone account in the states compromised because they sent me a notice of a 'security' update and did I initiate it? This comes on top of someone stealing my identity in the states to open credit and trying to run up bills in my name...OK I just called to check up on it and that's ok; apparently this company sent out the notice to all of their customers regarding security, and my account is OK, THANK GOD!

So what do you do in a developing country to stave off a virus? I am being proactive here, eating oranges, eating pistachios and drinking green tea. By the way did you know that you can eliminate most of the caffeine of tea by steeping the leaves for 30 seconds and pouring off that liquid, then adding the water for your tea? I do this all the time now. It is one of the steps of tea-making, not that I know anything about ceremonial tea. This variety must be longjing, as it has a faint flavor of jasmine. Maybe I'll take a bubble bath. I so love this dark, quiet creative time in the early morning before the neighbors are up.

Here is an example of how quiet the neighbors are. During the day, well morning and evening when I am home, I can occasionally hear drawers open and shut and the kid upstairs run across the floor, once in a while footsteps or language being spoken. There isn't much talk going on though. The walls here are paper thin as today when I woke early, I could actually hear someone snoring!
Last night I had to go back to the police station to get a copy of my residence-registration, but after riding around in the freezing cold for a half hour I still couldn’t find it. I gave up for the moment and decided I would give Hello Pizza a try as it has gotten rave reviews in a well known expat magazine story which compared local pizzas. I was not disappointed! It was the perfect antidote to the cold, grimy outdoors. I had left my map to the station at home and will take care of this today.

I am outraged at Spielberg for quitting the Olympics advisory position based on China’s inaction in Darfur…it’s like being a doctor and quitting the practice because your patients are not doing every exact thing you tell them…I mean, is he working as an artist or is someone else paying him to play dirty politician? If so, why doesn’t he work from Switzerland or Mexico for all the inaction the US has taken in many scenarios over the years, considering HOME and the local terrorism we endure up and down the west coast with all the gang activities and crime, or even worse, the US’s seriously inappropriate actions taken all over the world. So for now, I’m forgetting about him and I won’t be supporting his ‘arts’ anymore. If he’s serious about politics he would get real about the US first.

I am taking the day off today. A personal day. Maybe take a nap in the afternoon. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!


Karianne said…
Happy Valentines to you too!

Love you

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