What would you do?

A new school on the international school scene begins to participate in the regional soccer association. At one game, the opposing and more established team's coach happens to referee the game. Fouls are not being called for his team, as his players continue kicking the new school's players, again and again and again. Yet the score is tied 3 - 3. Finally the newer school's star player is kicked for like the 11th time and he screams "F - - K!!!" To which the crowd falls silent. The student is suspended for the rest of the game, embarrassed by his outburst. If you were the new school's coach, what, if anything would you do? Nothing? Call the game off due to obviously unsportsmanlike refereeing? Reprimand the student despite the student being justly indignant? Demand to coach the second half of the game? In the end the opposing team won, 4 - 0, with no consequenses for the lack of sportsmanship and bad refereeing. I think doing nothing set a bad example for the kids, almost as bad as the lack of calls on fouls.


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