Slept in today while waiting for the heating unit on my wall to warm my room. I enjoy my remote control heating and my bed hot pad that I sleep on. Kind of a boring day but the tailor called to say the dresses that Naomi and I had made were ready to be picked up. So we met there at 3:00 pm and the dresses looked nice. She even had used a beautiful thin silk lining in Naomi's items. I'll try mine on at home and return if I need any small adjustments. After that I went to my classroom to do some work, downloading some articles and worksheets for the choir. I am vowing to do better teaching in March than I did in February. It's been so dank and rainy and cold I feel like my head is a bit in the sand. More rain is predicted. I hope this is the long stretch of ugly weather before the months of beautiful spring.

Just read someone else's blog who lives in Anting new town in Jiading District. His called something like "Becoming a Chinaman." Besides a lot of empty housing in Anting, there is the Formula One site or International Circuit, as well as an ancient town. I intend to go out there when the weather improves a bit.

Today I have a pork roast awaiting me in the slow cooker at home. I'm going to make some fresh tomato sauce and boil some organic noodles tonight. I look forward to a hot, delicious meal on this cold, miserable day.


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