I survived food poisoning, again. So did my friend Naomi. The whole time my body was getting rid of the junk I had visions of Glen ill on his trip back to the states, plane ride from hell. But it turns out he was fine. Lucky him. Took my stomach ten days to reach normal after that ordeal. Watch out for the Hilton brunch buffet where the eggs were undercooked, twice. Naomi ate the same thing. She even went to the hospital. I suffered it out, only falling asleep at my desk once the next day. It's funny. In Shanghai, I have no allergies and no coughing, despite the severity of pollution at times. In the states at home I just can't stop coughing, ever. But this food poisoning, I can't be 100% sure it was from the Hilton, as we had had a lot of sushi at another 5 star hotel the day before. But the other friends who ate a lot of oysters there were fine. The other time I got this ill in Shanghai also occured about 2 days after consuming an oyster...sad because I really do love the slimy little critters. Just maybe not in Shangers ever again.


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