student progress

When I taught in China my first year, this was my first real professional job. Perhaps this is part of the attraction that leads me back to China again and again. I never forgot the pace. That year, I was responsible for guiding the English language development of many levels of students: freshmen, sophomores, post graduates. Out of this varied group, a few really stood out and one became a friend, eventually visiting me in the states. Weihua has never given up easily and it was no surprise to me when she was admitted to Bristol University in the UK on a full PhD fellowship, and has just in the past few weeks completed her programme. In the same few days as finishing, she received her much anticipated visa to move to the US where she is getting married!

Yesterday at work I was enjoying the writing on one of my Japanese student's sweatshirt. Maybe it was just random, maybe it was someone's ode. The words were "Roman/ Shave your style/ I would escape and recreate/ I'm your girl/ Made in 2007/ Made in Boki/ I love God/ I want to get away/ Yeah."


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