A Day Is Done

Nothing in life is perfect. I knew setting out today that my chances were slim to find an old friend in the Opera House and, at his former workplace all they could tell me was he doesn't work there any longer. But it was a trip down memory lane nonetheless, and another old friend's apartment building is still standing. The (formerly) vacant lot behind it is now a high rise building though. The construction scheme in China should be "what can be knocked down today will be rebuilt tomorrow." Just in case you were wondering about Shanghai's skyline, here is a link to the descending order of skyscrapers in town: http://skyscraperpage.com/diagrams/?c6

So I set about finding Ikea, but I didn't have the exact address so I gave up. I did go back to the amazing Xijiao State Guest Hotel park and sat in a pagoda reading a magazine for a while this afternoon, until it became too breezy. And I managed to order a ceasar salad and pumpkin soup from a delivery service for dinner tonight. It was pretty decent, except for the exorbitant delivery fee. Since it was my first time trying the service I felt obligated to complain about being charged the maximum long distance delivery fee for one of the closest restaurants I could order from, well within the neighborhood radius.

Now back to the contract negotiating table...at least our salaries are guaranteed a minimum exchange rate as the dollar is expected to fall well below this. The latest at work is that I have to pick out the colors of linoleum tile for the practice room. I like having the creative freedom but it is sad that I have to choose while imagining the scuff marks and dirt that will inevitably accumulate due to inadequate and insufficient cleaning arrangements for the flooring.


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