Mar 20 08

I was just thinking about the variety of English our students listen to in a day. Our teachers hail from many different countries: Ireland, Wales, Australia, Israel, Canada and of course, the US. There is wave of new students entering during the spring. Our enrollment is projected to reach over 200 by the end of the school year. This has caused a change in new contract offers: bonuses at the end of next school year based on overall enrollment. Korean schools ended recently so many come to our school just for somewhere to go. Others arrive just temporarily because our school is the only one letting kids enroll this late in the year. There are adjustments for what kind of credit they can and cannot earn, of course, and the hope is that many will re-enroll for fall based on their positive experiences. Yesterday I was offered to choose the colors of paint for the new music classrooms, which will entail a large room and five smaller practice rooms. The room is scheduled to be finished by the end of spring break.


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