Saturday, March 29

The weird thing is, if I set my phone down near the speakers connected to my laptop, it picks up the sound of the information being sent when I send pictures over the internet from the phone. Saturday was a big day of shopping for me. Not that I needed much, it is just that Shanghai is so big, this took all day. My mission was to buy a good shower curtain. Ikea was a mad house, hot, sweaty, crowded, confusing. Then I ventured to the south railway station to ask about tickets to another town, where the answer was, no, there aren't any. Then on to another part of the city to look at cloth. But it was getting late, I was tired, hungry and needed a restroom. On these day ventures even in town, I tend to avoid consuming beverages to try to not have the problem of searching for a toilet. After another long walk along a nearby old street, I found a public toilet. My first squatter in 2 months. And a steamed bun and a pineapple stick later, I was OK. On the way home I also picked up a bunch of calla lillies--I feel having fresh flowers in my apartment is a cost of living here to combat the dirt and pollution outside. I enjoyed a bowl of fresh beef noodle soup at a nearby shop, where the owners are from Henan province. It is a fair opportunity to practice Mandarin, where Mandarin is a second language to all of us. They normally speak a Henan dialect. I made them guess where I am from...seldom do people guess US first. They guessed England and Germany before the US. I was amused.


Ashley Winters said…
Sounds like you are having quite an exciting adventure in Shanghai. My daughters are from Guangxi and Guangdong, both adopted. I'm enjoying following your blog.

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