coffee, anyone?

I was perusing an aisle for coffee in a supermarket, and slowly filtering the options. One did stand out after I read its flavor: 'Charcoal Reach'. I think it was supposed to be almond, because later I saw packaged almonds with the word 'charcoal' on it.

I almost had a heart attack when I couldn't find my lesson plans book and mid-term progress reports for all of my students today. I looked and looked after a staff meeting and finally went back to the dance room (where I have most classes) where a judo class of 4 and 5 year olds was taking place. The teacher saw me looking agitated and stopped the class, calling little 4-year old Maria over. Little Maria had put some of my stuff in drawers in the desk and moved some things around! I had been afraid it was the naughty boys who had been expelled from school for smashing my computer monitor and dvd player who had returned to school today. Maria had to apologize and the teacher also apologized for her. I think Maria is ADHD!!! So maybe this judo class is a good thing for her!

Today I was a little late getting to lunch because I teach on the 5th floor. When the bell rang, I was finishing a very engaging discussion with a student from Iran, and the other students did not want to stop practicing. I finally got down my 5 flights of stairs but the Chinese lunch had been put away. I asked the cooks in the main lunch area about it and one kind one went back and brought out the happy bunny plate with some of the Chinese lunch on it for me. She just made sure I knew to give her back her plate after I was finished...maybe her personal happy bunny? She told me that you have to get in for lunch by 12 noon sharp or it's too late.


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