In search of identity, a universal human problem, I enjoyed this (very Chinese) article from China Daily:

and for the bibliophile epicureans among us -- you know who you are:

makes me want that level of fluency that is not yet in my grasp! I'm feeling a bit stranded today as the rain has arrived earlier than I expected. Cabs are hard to come by around here even when it is nice; if I get out today it will have to be by foot/umbrella or combination with subway. Hence the references to the above articles. But I am in search of tortilla chips to go with my fresh salsa...and I'm in SHANGHAI where you really can get just about anything! It may be time to invest in a handy rain slicker to wear on the bike; the coated material also covers the handlebars while riding. Then again it may be the day to catch up on my stack of DVDs.


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