I don't normally frequent the site engrish.com because I really don't need to due to the Engrish realities of my every day life. But a friend forwarded these to me and I did laugh, especially since I have posted the poll on the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

It is a BEAUTIFUL day for bike riding today. Upper 50s, light breeze, sunshine. My bike salesman's wife told me my tires didn't need air (they were about 25% flat) but that my seat needed raising because I'll get tired if it's too low. I argued with her on the air issue, and finally we agreed to add a little air AND fix the seat. I am in a very happy mood to get those things done and to have found a new grocery shop where I am sure I will do a lot of my shopping. It is an international gourmet shop with just about everything I need, including organic foods and doesn't blast China-pop music during the experience. Some items are ridiculously expensive that I don't buy anyway, like sugary American cereals costing about $7 per box. But there are other international things, like good salt, even Malden sea salt--I'm in love.


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