Does anyone else hear the sound through your speakers of sending photos from your phone to your computer? It weirds me out every time.

So these are mystery fruits: dragon fruit, I think, is the one with the black dots in the white fruit meat. The pink fruit is what it looks like on the outside. There is a weird drink sold just about everywhere too with these seeds in it. It's a China thing to have a fruit juice with real pieces of the fruit inside, bigger than pulp. The other fruit, I am less sure of. Hawthorn? Crabapple? It's popular, whatever it is. It's often sold candied on a stick.

And the yummy buns...I was buying some whole wheat bread and the service worker convinced me to try the yummy buns. I was skeptical, I have to admit, but there actually were raisins and bits of orange inside and it wasn't bad as an emergency snack.

The doughnut - it speaks for itself. It came from the same store's bakery. This is from Lotus Superstore, where I only shop if it is early or really late to avoid the crowds.


Karianne said…
I was thinking about you and your grandma this morning. I think that I must have dreamt about her last night.

Miss you. Any plans for home yet?

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