Last night after a sumptuous 5-star seafood dinner with a friend I was listening to some very good funky-blues musicians in a cafe thinking this is a really spectacular global hot spot for musicians and other artists. This was no "American" buffet. It was all the healthy stuff like raw, steamed or stir-fried. It also included a fresh-pulled noodles bar, excellent salad bar and an amazing Swiss-ice cream bar. And a few specialties like steamed chicken feet and bitter melon.

I feel lucky to have met several designers already, one of whom works for a major corporation in textile/garment productions all over the country. One designs bags and is from another province who came here looking for a boutique to sell his work. Also in my own place of employment, other teachers seem to be coming out of the woodwork who play violin and want to play at graduation.

Right now from my room I hear soft Chinese folk music being sung along with a zheng, a stringed instrument that is plucked, contemplating the present and the future as a cart goes by down below on the street clanging for things to be recycled.


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