big boss

My boss has this habit of calling me during weekends and vacation times, saying "Hello *****, where are you now?" and wanting to take care of some kind of business. Friday I was at the beach. He was out apartment hunting because he wants me to live in a cheaper one. He calls again today, Sunday, and again I am out. But I decide to come back to look at this apartment he was raving about. Only it is nothing that impresses me. I don't get it. He goes on and on about how big it is, with a river view, and so on, and I get there and there is no river view. There is no desk. There isn't even enough room to have a dinner party for 4 people. There is, however a turquoise sofa and side seat set that is much too large for the "living" room. So afterward I tell him, sorry, this one is not for me. Then he tells me oh, the lease on your place where you are now runs out in about 3 or 4 days because it's only for 3 months. #%%&#$&8!! "And I rented this new one for 1 year for the school already." @#$%#$%@#$%!! So I say, dude, this puts me in a difficult position. I mean you know like it is not easy to move, it is a lot of trouble, right? And I do not feel like moving into some place I don't even like. I like to entertain. Where I am is OK, I don't mind to pay something until I can find something to suit the (miniature) budget. Or maybe I don't want this (low and cheapass) budget anyway. I can handle my own apartment rental. So he says he will talk to my landlord to see if we can renew for 3 more months. He was expecting me to share my (tiny) flat with another foreign colleague as it costs a bit more than a 1 bedroom. But nowhere in my contract does it say anything about requiring me to share housing, which I refused after our housing mgr had already shown my place to another new teacher. Lucky for me that time it was really dirty, so she was probably not enamored by the idea either. The second boss will get an earful tomorrow. And why isn't the housing mgr taking care of any of this? (because he is a freaking lazy SoaB that should be fired like yesterday!)

After that I met some friends I made a few weeks ago. It was a great moment to catch up on each others' lives as they are from other cities in China -- so we are all somewhat 'outsiders' to Shanghai. It was a coffee meeting, and then I invited them to come over to my house for dinner because I had already made a beef soup earlier today. They were spontaneous and free and decided to come over. So we laughed a lot and found we even have some of the same tastes in music.


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