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I have been very busy with work and trying to get my new apartment details worked out this week. I am excited to move to a brand new apartment no one has lived in before. From one side you can see planes coming and going from Hongqiao airport, and from the other side there is wide open space - a real empty field (for now) and view of Suzhou Creek. There is a little walkway along the canal. The apartment features 2 bedrooms, large bathroom, medium sized kitchen, living room, dining nook, and enclosed yangtai (balcony). All machines are brand new. Two TVs, two DVD players, a Karaoke stereo ('WOW' said my boss 'That is something new!' as his eyes lit up), washing machine, microwave, gas burners and a weird dish heating machine that supposedly kills bacteria; kind of a no water dish machine. Even my landlord didn't really know what it was. Hardwood floors, some kind of Korean hardwood dining table and bedroom furniture, window alcove in 1 bedroom. And last but not least, the biggest fridge I have seen in China. Maybe still smaller than what we're used to in the states, but at least this one is large enough to hold the ingredients for a dinner party! It even has 2 freezers. Great fengshui here! Ok one of the weird things in China is for some reason, everyone puts their fridge in the living room. Don't ask me! But my theory is that they are proud of the food they have, and China is definitely prospering, so I can go along with this. Pictures coming soon!


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