Brooke's Party

I really want to ride my bike all the way across town to the Bund. I just keep chickening out. But today the weather does seem perfect. Maybe I will gather my personal momentum and just do it. My colleague who has worked in the job for 3 years had her going away party yesterday. Many of us and her personal friends helped celebrate. One major perk of this job is that no one expects you to make a life long career out of this particular place so you can leave when it is right for you. On the way to the party we passed by these lovely Gumby shaped bushes. At the party you could donate to the "Eartyquick" victims. After the party I was really hungry because they decided not to go for the dinner and stayed in one place eating finger foods, but by the time I left I was ready for some real food. This time it was my lovely local noodle shop across the street and boy were they glad to see me because it has been a few weeks since I came in. I stopped going because what I really like, a small bottle of coke with a bowl of noodles, gives me a bellyache, but a bowl of noodles alone is OK. And, allergy solved. It is none other than simply one of my favorite foods--hot chillies. Unfortunate, but on the other hand that is better than hundreds of things!


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