The landlord stopped by this morning to repair some small halogen spotlights in my place. He also offered to give me a study lamp and asked whether I needed hangers for clothes. It took him an hour and some sore shoulders to fix those lights but afterward he, his wife and son and I met for lunch at a nearby hot pot restaurant.

The weather is quite warm now; today it should reach about 80 F. I'm off to buy a summer quilt of 100% cotton.

It is a national holiday this weekend for Intenational Labor Day. We have 4 days free. I'm staying in Shanghai to sightsee locally and relax. Too many people travel on national holidays and it is not a pleasant experience to try to mix with the masses. I try to avoid that. Local rush hour is enough crowd action for me. So tomorrow my Phillipina friends and I are planning to go to Qibao old street. I'm looking forward to another stick of strawberries!


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