the kitchen

The kitchen will never be the same...I have made a new discovery...and perhaps
will never need to leave China again....(just kidding!!!)

Whilst thawing some cooked frozen rice in the micro, I smelled something odd
like something burning. I thought to myself, ok fine, these appliances never
last very long in China anyway, not a big deal and to be expected, right? 
Well...not! Actually this is a special microwave which came with a little metal
rack and one of the settings is for "grill."  Never tried it; at least I never
meant to; but tonight I accidentally put the setting to grill after I finished
using the "thaw" setting...and the thing was doing its grilling!  Really there is a grill
in the top of it!  So weird!  I always thought this microwave was a little
different and now I realize the inside is a special kind of enameled surface;
apparently this can withstand the (small) amounts of fire that the grill
produces.  I was so shocked at this feature I turned it off immediately because
I just could not stomach the idea of little flames inside the top of my
microwave but apparently that is how it works. 

The picture of the papers on the wall is of a place for people in school to
sign if the statement on the paper applies to them.  Second pink one from the left: now
that's how I want to make new friends! ;-)


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