a post birthday weekend

I was so tired from the week (and riding for a couple of hours to dinner and back on Friday night) that I stayed in bed most of Saturday.  But it was also to get my energy up for today; I went and met a gal who's leaving China today and she sold me her viola for a great price - it has a nice sound and looks nice too. Then I had to race back to the hospital to complete my health exam - I still needed the ultrasound test as here it is a routine part of the checkup.  The hospital's clinical areas close at noon.  I did that and then they said everything's fine--whew.  Then went home and had some soup from last night - corn and bean - it's really yummy - and took a rest. 

I went out and ordered a dress to be made for $11. It will be a strapless formal that I'm hoping will be fit for playing at the Austrian Pavilion when we play quartets for a special event in a couple of weeks. I have had this beautiful black dragon silk for about 5 years.  I finally decided it's going to turn into something I can actually get some use out of. New instrument, new dress...I predict more string quartet playing in the coming year!  Stay tuned for future pictures.

We are expecting another typhoon; it's about number 11 of this season and could be a doozy.  It's already slammed into Taiwan and should be hitting the mainland soon.  They say it may be the strongest one of the season to date.  Last one didn't do much here but apparently wreaked havoc in N. Korea killing dozens of people. 

Corn and Bean Soup
(this came from a rustic Italian cookbook that belonged to a classmate of mine in college)

1 can of corn
1 can of baked beans
several slices of raw bacon, chopped into small pieces
2 T olive oil
1 chopped onion
1 large diced tomato or a can of tomatoes
3 cups of water
spices (such as basil, pepper, curry...as you like)

You just need to cook the onion and bacon in the olive oil over medium to medium low heat for several minutes, then add everything else and simmer for about 25 minutes. 


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