Cost of Groceries

Here's a rundown of what things still cost...local and international.  Today I bought: a package of scrubber sponges, produce bags for the fridge, 2 boxes of 5-pack facials (rose and cucumber), 2 cans of Sprite, 2 boxes of liquid orangeate, a bottle of coconut yogurt, a bag of brown sugar and a bottle of hair conditioner for about $8. 
Tomorrow I'll fork out about $40 for a bunch of organic and imported groceries to be delivered right to my apartment:  a can of refried beans, extra sharp Land O Lakes cheddar, Kraft parmesan cheese, organic red potatoes, organic carrots, organic purple onion, globe artichokes, beetroot, parsley, basil, canned salmon, organic cauliflower, organic green onion and fresh mozarella cheese. 
My groceries are a mixture of imported luxuries and very reasonable local ingredients.  If I never bought the import stuff and only ate at home, I could eat extremely well on about $50 a week.  But I'm in Shanghai...where there's and and - all of which deliver...making it all too easy to shop from home!  And well, I can't help eating out often too...when there's every cuisine imaginable around! We may have pollution and many environmental and social issues, but we have definitely a culture of eating!


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