My First Dinner Party Hosting of 2010

Enter Joo, Ivy, Zoe and Jin.  First thing...restroom and water.  Ah, Zoe darling needed a cup of coffee.  Next we break open a bottle of Jacob's Creek Shiraz Cabernet to go with an appetizer of pumpkin pizza.  Yeah I know it sounds weird.  Just go along for now.  Next next course. I give the tour of my apartment and point out Suzhou Creek, Ctrip headquarters and Songhong Road.  We argue about my plants releasing carbon dioxide while I sleep...then go into the kitchen to finish up the rice dish.  I sauteed some mushrooms and zucchini, adding a bit of salt and instant chicken granules, then about 4 cups of cooked brown rice.  This is the side to slow cooked bbq pork ribs which the butcher proudly chopped exactly opposite of what I was looking for...never mind.  And made 1 clay crock of medicinal chicken, slowly baked in huangjiu, olive oil, carrot and celery with some dates and wolfberries added in for flavor.  One big salad with homemade dressing and voila...dinner was finally served over candlelight at my table.  After dinner, special cake from Ichido...see the picture.  All I can say is it is based on green tea and contains a lot of fruit and whipped cream too.  mmmm.  Next course:  mandarins.  Sweet, tiny, tasty.  Next course:  ice wine from!  Add a small piece of dark chocolate, & a cuppa Earl Grey tea.  That about does it!  After this we decided to make this at least a monthly affair in each other's homes since Joo and Ivy can cook their native Malaysian foods too, from the south and north respectively.  My tummy awaits the next food-fest! 


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