Year in Review

I finally have come up for air - sometimes it helps just to remember to breathe once in a while.  Wow does it feel good!  I really did appreciate that crisp air of the northwest for a few weeks over the holidays.  That was a good little recharge.  Now we'll see how long it lasts...
Now, this is not in any particular order, but a short list of some things I am proud to have accomplished in the past year.  I need to keep this list handy because I tend to forget the past quickly. 
-made it to Okinawa and snorkelled for the first time with my brother
-played some fantastic jobs this year including my parents' 50th wedding anniversary party and some outstanding weddings and parties, even here in Shanghai
-arranged Journey's "Don't Stop Believin' " for the quartet
-got to play with a wonderful young cellist who lives in my home region
-caught a wild steelhead (and turned it loose) with my dad
-spent a couple of quality days with my dad
-experienced a great personal loss which has benefitted me by prompting me to remember to pray, especially to pray for others, and hopefully is now helping me to grow
-have had the honor to meet and play a bit with a fellow American who also loves chamber music and is a wonderful pianist and person
-have had the joy to teach some kids with extraordinary talent and also to learn from them
-now own and have updated the quartet's site (any feedback more than welcome!)
-continue to profit by cd and digital distribution sales of the CD Tranquillo, A Northwest Celebration which is still available via
-had the nerve to go to the Zhoushan area islands by myself
-saw the wild horses on Toppenish ridge
-obtained my motorcycle rider endorsement from WA state despite crashing spectacularly in front of the whole class--a moment to remember
-hiked with friends on Snipes' Mountain in their backyard


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