It's like using an outhouse during the winter.  You get used to it.  Oh there is indoor plumbing alright.  But most bathrooms are NOT heated in China, including mine and my school's.  The ice water to wash your hands is even more exciting!  Well, I was commiserating with myself over this situation recently but got around to covering my toilet seat with a cushy, tacky, red but WARM soft cloth cover.  And it's hard to believe but my ayi (my wing's custodian lady) just now showed me there is a hot water heater to wash our hands with warm water on the fourth floor where I teach...TCB (That's China Baby)
At home it's not that bad. I just turn on the heat lamps and leave them on for a while.  But I also turn them off.  Really, why do we waste so much energy on heating bathrooms in the west anyway when it's a room we hardly spend much time in overall! 


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