You know you've been in China for a while when...

-everyone you know has had some kind of major digestive problem that seemed life-threatening at the time
-you no longer ask why, you just go on with a WTF sigh
-it's an ordinary thing to see someone walking backwards clapping their hands on the sidewalk
-you get on the elevator and there is you, a family of 3, a bike, and a stroller and it doesn't seem crowded
-you are used to getting your salary in cash
-your taxi swiped your refillable pay card and switched it on you to one with a zero balance
-you live in local housing and have no heat source in your kitchen or bathroom, but that's ok because why do we heat them anyway?
-receiving international personal mail is a cause for celebration
-you regularly take motorcycle taxis...




The Old Geezer said…
I posted this on my blog
HAHAHA! This was a good list. My wife and kids live in Xi'an and I could relate with most of these... and as we both know that list could go on a lot longer. If you have a chance check out my blog at Keep up the bloggin and life in China!

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