Eating Korean

The vacation has officially started. Nine days of freedom and they're getting filled with fun fast. Today, Naomi and I tried a Korean restaurant on the recommendation by the mother of one of her kindergarten students. It took us some wandering around but we found it. First, you can see a snapshot of the 18 - yes 18 - dishes of cold appetizers. And we only ordered 2 things: a pancake with green bean and a hot bubbling pot of intestines and other more recognizable things like noodles and vegetables. We had a great meal and a good talk. I told her the spicy food made us talk about the most passionate and hot topics - which will stay between us girls! - and of course how it is to live internationally in Shanghai. I even ate intestines...

The weather has finally turned lovely with a cool breeze, sunny, perfect to ride my other "new" second-hand bike home from Xujiahui district. I picked this up from another expat who's moving back. The bike is a dream to ride and I decided it will be good to have a spare, and this one will be good for cruising. I wasn't really even tired after the 45 minute ride home. In fact it's faster than a bus. This may be the one to take me all the way to the bund from my place...after all, it is an "Alice" brand bike!


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